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Reserveblik - Een bloemlezing van Elk Merk Waardige auto's (NL)

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Produktnummer: 978-90-815208-8-1
Produktinformationen "Reserveblik - Een bloemlezing van Elk Merk Waardige auto's (NL)"

The cars outlined in the book ‘Reserveblik’ (‘Spare Cans’) may very well have been born under a bad sign. Some are so ingenious that the vast majority of people just couldn’t understand them, others were burdened by major marketing failures or a skewed balance between the various product characteristics. The ‘Elk Merk Waardig’ association has been taking care of these outcasts since 2009 and now has published a book about them on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. It contains a colourful mix of thirty models that probably you would never have thought possible. Browsing through its pages will definitely make you raise your eyebrows though, and as soon as you actually start reading, the astonishment will only increase.

‘Reserveblik’ is divided into short chapters, one per car, which you can easily digest between the soup and the main course. The authors were given carte blanche for the texts and that has resulted in a variety of perspectives. The main ingredients are factual knowledge, trivia , weird facts with a generous dollop of humour. To give these unknown and unsung models the stage they deserve, the book boasts a large number of colourful images. An absolute must-have for those who look for something different from the standard automotive classics with which we are all familiar. ‘Reserveblik’ is guaranteed to make you smile.

Abmessung: 17x24cm
Autor: Aart van der Haagen e.a.
ISBN: 978-90-815208-8-1
Seitenanzahl: 128
Sprache: Niederländisch
Verlag: Citrovisie

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