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Malafosse - Giraud, histoire d’un garage Citroën en Lozère (F)

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Produktnummer: 978-90-831417-3-2
Produktinformationen "Malafosse - Giraud, histoire d’un garage Citroën en Lozère (F)"

In 1922, Paul Malafosse signed his first contract to sell Citroën cars in his garage in Meyrueis, France. At the end of the 1920s, this faithful dealership was the base of the testing programme for the Croisière Jaune’s halftracks. In the 1980s and 1990s this dealer sold so many cars that Citroën achieved the highest market penetration of France in this region.

Through the memories of the grandsons of the founder of the garage, and countless photographs and documents kept by the family over the years, author Matthieu Turel sketches the story of everyday life in a small Citroën garage in the heart of France’s least populated department, the Lozère.

The book offers a great impression of France in the 20th century and outlines the social and societal developments that have radically changed the profession of garage owner over the past hundred years. Highly recommended for every car enthusiast.

Abmessung: 17x24cm
Autor: Matthieu Turel
ISBN: 978-90-831417-3-2
Seitenanzahl: 144
Sprache: Französisch
Verlag: Citrovisie

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