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Axel & Oltcit, les Citroën de l'Est (F)

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Produktnummer: 978-90-831417-9-4
Produktinformationen "Axel & Oltcit, les Citroën de l'Est (F)"

For Citroën, the Oltcit and Axel were a disaster. Even brand new ones broke down, leaked oil, parts broke, were plagued by excessive fuel consumption or even spontaneously caught fire.

Historically, however, the Oltcit and Axel are very interesting. They are the very last models from the Michelin era: the last designs without the influence of Peugeot. Moreover, the Oltcit and Axel have a long and interesting development history, which is not only linked to the takeover of Citroën by Peugeot, but is also full of political intrigue and industrial espionage between East and West.

In this book, author Thijs van der Zanden and translator Axel Bornand describe the history of the Oltcit and the Citroën Axel through numerous facts, funny anecdotes and lots of photos – many never published before. A must for the real enthusiast."

Abmessung: 22x24cm
Autor: Thijs van der Zanden
ISBN: 978-90-831417-9-4
Seitenanzahl: 228
Sprache: Französisch
Verlag: Citrovisie

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